Putting Together The EU Jigsaw In spite of the frequently mentioned enlargement fatigue and the other side of the coin - ‘reform fatigue’, Croatia joined EU in mid-2013, proving the European perspective still exists. As no further enlargements are envisaged in the next 5 year ‘digestion’ period, the speakers Mr. Jestřáb, Ms. Tcharneva, Ms. Töglhofer, Mr. Blockmans on the panel moderated by Ms. Bobić will try to answer the question whether EU has limits on its enlargement policy and where do they rest.... View
Peek into: BSF 2014 Agenda This year's BSF agenda is coming together! Our three day Forum will have four Plenary Panels and eight Sessions, and we have more than sixty confirmed speakers from more than 25 countries. ... View
Uncertain Path Paved by the Ukrainian Crisis Many big political, economic and strategically important questions brought on by the crises in Ukraine are now hanging above the EU officials heads and putting the issue on the top of all agendas. Whether Putin ended the most recent period of interregnum and inaugurated a new era in global politics or Obama administration is “anti-realist” regarding the Ukraine crisis and much more to be discussed on Session 7 with Mr. Judah, Mr. Frattini, Mr. Zeneli, Mr. Puhovski, Mr. Bechev, Mr. Cross and moderated by Mr. Anastasijević.... View

BSF app now available for Android and iOS

Belgrade Security Forum is proud to offer its attendees customized event application for this year’s event developed in cooperation with the CONFI Company from Slovakia. The BSF CONFI app will enable its users to view all info about the conference, agenda, speakers, venues, etc. It will allow them to favorite specific sessions and speakers and receive notification on upcoming favorite session or speaker.

Global Youth on Session 8

For the first time in human history, 20-year-olds around the world have as much shared interests with each other as they do with the 70-year-olds in their own societies. This panel will explore this unprecedented phenomenon together with four remarkable young analysts: Ms. Kiefer, Ms. Laffont, Mr. Chwala, and Ms. Arya, and moderated by Mr. Altinay. It will search for an answer to questions whether the youth is loyal member of its nation-state or global citizen or perhaps both, as well as what sort of world awaits them in the future.

Bringing the Peripheries in on the Planery Panel 2

The EU, as a global actor should be stronger then the mere sum of its members, in attempt to stabilize both south and east borders providing security to European citizens. What novelties should EU introduce to promote stability, democracy and prosperity in the immediate neighborhoods, namely Eastern, Mediterranean, Africa and Middle East? Mr. Brok as introductory speeker, Ms. Miščević, Mr. Devenport Mr. Ülgen, Mr. Krastev, Mr. Persson, Mr. Šiđanski and Mr. Jović will try to answer this and more.

Bridging the Gap on the Plenary Panel 1

The pivotal panel of the Belgrade Security Forum 2014 will open the post-Wales strategic debate at a time of growing Trans-Atlantic and Eurasian mistrust. The main challenge addressed by the panel will be how to conceptualize the strategic debate in a multipolar world with both state and non-state actors designing the international relations and security challenges. You will have the chance to hear this and lot more from Ms. Donfried, Mr. Heisbourg, Mr. Rotfeld, Mr. Baranovsky, Ms. Islam and Mr. Lani.

Check out this year's Academic Event

Belgrade Security Forum 2014 will traditionally begin with the Academic Event on Tuesday, September 30th. This year’s Academic Event with the overall topic Usable Past, Collective Memories and International Security”, will seek to understand how the past is used and misused in informing the present.