Impressions about BSF 2015

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Goran Buldioski‚ Director of the Think Tank Fund, Open Society Foundations

13. 11. 2015

“There is really great need for events like this, to a point. I think that BSF has achieved the status and the gravitas, that people that matter come here, as well as people who have the fresh ideas are invited to speak and share. That is the important thing, it’s not about having more and more events, is about having limited number of events which are good. Having said that, of course the purpose of this events is two-fold on one side is to hear new ideas, but also for people is important for people to start discussing with themselves, either on formal part of the program, or equally important, or sometimes even more important in informal part of the program. And I think that’s those key issues in the events like this. Speaking about the Forum, I think that in five years it has established itself as a premium outlet for discussing security policies, not only in former Yugoslavia, but in the Balkans. And it is an event where people would like to come. And it is important, that is a vote of confidence about the event itself“

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