Impressions about BSF 2015

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Anna Terrón i Cusí‚ President of InStrategies

13. 11. 2015

“That was very interesting panel, we had opportunity to listen to the testimony of people really working in land, I think that main point is how Europe have to react to this crisis and beyond. I think that we have to react to this crisis by proving that we can be responsible, and to tackle this situation, but beyond that: more Europe, better governance and a real European asylum system, and migration government are the answer. Otherwise, core values, and core elements of the EU: Schengen, freedom of movement, an area of freedom providing, also security, will fail. At this moment, it’s really better governance, more Europe – or going back. It’s difficult to go ahead, but from my point of view it would be much more difficult or painful to go back.”


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