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Mats Persson

Former Special Advisor to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom


Mats Persson

Mats Persson is a former Special Adviser to the UK Prime Minister. He was part of the team that renegotiated the UK's EU membership terms and other reforms in 2015/16. Prior to his tenure at Downing Street, he was the Director of Open Europe, a think-tank promoting economic and political reform in Europe, and a co-founder of its sister organisation Open Europe Berlin.  Before moving to the UK, he worked for a political consulting firm in Washington DC. Mats has written extensively on European affairs, including the Eurozone crisis, Brexit, financial regulation, foreign policy, German politics and the rise of populism.  In 2015, the was selected by Politico as one of the top 28 movers and shakers in Europe. A Swedish native, he holds degrees from the London School of Economics and Liberty University in Virginia, US.