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Jasna Plevnik

Founder and Deputy Director, Geoeconomic Forum, Zagreb


Jasna PlevnikJasna Plevnik is a Vice President of the Geoeconomic Forum, Croatia's think tank dedicated to being a resource to help people better understand South East Europe and the foreign policy structural and political choices facing Croatia and the region. She is a senior specialist at The Croatian Chamber of Economy, Zagreb.  Dr. Plevnik is author of the books: "China in The Balkans"(2013) together with former president of Croatia, Stjepan Mesić, and former minister of the economy, Professor Ljubo Jurčić; "The Age of Economic Diplomacy"(2011); "The Prise of the New  World Order: World Challenges to the National interests"(2009); "Beyond Globalisation"(2003); "Pas globalizimit"(2003).