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Remzi Lani

Executive Director, Albanian Media Institute


Remzi LaniRemzi Lani is the Executive Director of the Albanian Media Institute.  He has had a long career in journalism: "Zeri i Rinise" (Tirana), "El Mundo" (Madrid),  "Zeri" (Pristina)  among others.  Author of articles on Balkan affairs for different local and foreign papers and magazines such as: "El Mundo"‑ Madrid, "The Guardian" ‑ London, Quimera ‑ Barcelona, The International Spectator ‑ Rome, etc. Lani has collaborated with The Aspen Institute- Berlin, Istituto Affari Internationali-Rome, CESPI-Rome, The Center for International and Strategic Studies-Washington, The Carter Center- Atlanta, The Hellenic Foundation-Athens, CIDOB-Barcelona, Bertelsmann Foundation in different projects on Balkan issues. Lani has been also an expert for the International Commission on the Balkans (Amato Commission). He was also a founding member of the first Human Rights Group in Albania (The Forum for Human Rights), 1990.