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Tamara Skrozza

Vreme weekly; Member of the Press Council's Press Complaints' Commission



Tamara Skrozza

Tamara Skrozza the famous journalist of the weekly ‘Vreme’. Her journalistic career began in 1997 as a reporter of Radio Index, after which she collaborated with various media, including the education magazine for teens Featured, Media Link Magazine, as well as the Status, Grazia, Elle, Playboy and Fame. Tamara is active in television production - has worked as a producer of documentary films with production houses PG Weather Network and Film. Tamara began working as a trainer of ethics in the media in 2003 in cooperation with the organization of the OSCE. After this experience she developed a short course of ethics for journalists for the school of research journalism, The Center for Investigative Reporting NUNS, as well as a full-day course in media ethics, which is implemented in cooperation with NUNS 2010.  In 2008, Tamara was a co-author of the publication Code of Journalists of Serbia - the instructions and guidelines issued by the organization Konrad Adenauer Stiftung. In addition to training on ethics in the media, Tamara has worked as a lecturer in the Documentation Centre IDOK and organizations LABRIS, Hourglass and JAZAS. In the period from 2004 – 2006 Tamara Skrozza was Vice President of NUNS, and since 2004 has been on the Executive Board of the Media Center in Belgrade. Tamara Skozza is a member of the Appeals Committee of the Press Council and one of the two deputies of the Executive Committee of the Council. In the framework of Free Legal Aid, Tamara provides advice on the ethical dilemmas of members of NUNS.